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Chartering offers the great opportunity to sail a great boat at the right time without the hassle of ship maintenance and constant repairs.

But what has always bothered me about chartering: many features of the charter yacht remain unused, many possibilities undiscovered, and many actions are not very effective when you are normally only on a foreign charter yacht for one or two weeks.

This site is intended to provide some relief for the SUNCE and all its charter customers, so that the great opportunities that SUNCE offers can actually be used effectively.

In the “Downloads” section, all manuals can be found, the “Tips and Tricks” section covers many processes and also addresses unclear operating functions, and the contact form offers the opportunity to make suggestions for improvement for this site as well as for the boat SUNCE itself directly to the right place, to the owner. The blog section will report on news and interesting facts about SUNCE.

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Do you have any suggestions for this page or questions and suggestions for improving the ship ? Have you collected some great impressions on SUNCE and would like to publish them on this page?
Please write to us here, we look forward to your feedback.

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Here you will find news about SUNCE, the Marian and the cruising area Croatia.
If you write to us, we can also post interesting articles from you here.